A Drop In A Bucket!

A Drop In A Bucket:

Have you ever felt insignificant, inadequate, or ever had the feeling you’re not quite reaching the expectations of others?

Perhaps your life seems useless or meaningless.

Such perplexity can cause anyone to react, but I’m certain we’ve all been there sometime or another.

Well, let’s take a look at what the Bible has to say.

In the first four books in the New Testament – we read about the dilemma the disciples found themselves in, when they realised thousands needed feeding.

Where were they to get the food?

There were so many to feed!!

How much would it cost?

Reported in the book of John, “Philip reckoned – Two hundred silver coins wouldn’t be enough to buy bread for each person to get a piece!”

What a predicament!

Anyhow, maybe the way to fully understand what God can really do, is to take a fresh look at this adventure.

Here, by the Sea of Galilee, we realise that the attention of Jesus was drawn by Andrew to the boy with five barley loaves and two fishes.

Yep, it seems that Philip turned for advice to Andrew.

Then, in a consecutive manner, Andrew told Jesus about the little boy.

Indeed, each character had their own importance, having individual parts to play.

But, compared to the size of the large crowd – it appeared what the little boy had to offer was just a drop in a bucket – signifying nothing!

Nevertheless, the understanding that God can do anything is awesome!

The concept that He chooses to use us to fulfil His purpose and plan, is simply mind-blowing!

Interestingly, this phenomenon with the little boy was no accident! No coincidence either! It was a God incidence!


After giving thanks, we see that Jesus – by feeding the five thousand – achieved a great deal out of very little.

All ate as much as they wanted!

Yet, the final stage of this miraculous picnic, was the considerable amount of food left over.

So much super-abundance!

Precious friend, whenever you’re feeling inadequate, or think what you have to contribute signify’s nothing – take another look at the little boy with his barley loaves and fishes!

In truth, God does extraordinary things through the lives of ordinary people!


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