Outrageous Grace.

Outrageous Grace:

There’s a lot of pain But a lot more healing

There’s a lot of trouble But a lot more peace

There’s a lot of hate But a lot more loving

There’s a lot of sin But a lot more grace

Oh Outrageous Grace!
Oh Outrageous Grace!

Love unfurled by heavens hand

Oh Outrageous Grace!
Oh Outrageous Grace!

Through my Jesus I can stand

There’s a lot of fear But a lot more freedom

There’s a lot of darkness But a lot more light

There’s a lot of cloud But a lot more vision

There’s a lot of perishing But a lot more Life!

There’s an enemy That seeks to kill what it can’t control

It twists and turns Making mountains out of molehills

But I will call on the Lord Who is worthy of praise

I run to Him and I am saved! …

By …

Outrageous Grace.

The Newday-Prince web site has been given kind permission by Godfrey Birtill – to reproduce the words to this song.

Godfrey Birtill 2000 copyright.

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