The Challenge:

The Challenge:

Howdy friends,

With help from Eugene H. Peterson, the publisher of The Message, quit stirring your coffee and start catching Paul’s passion and excitement as he wrote to a group of Christians.

So, here goes:-

Now that the worst is over, we’re pleased we can report that we’ve come out of this with conscience and faith intact, and can face the world-and even more importantly, face you with our heads held high.

But it wasn’t by any fancy footwork on our part. It was God who kept us focused on Him, uncompromised.

Friends, to make your way through the journey from beginning to end, direct your attention on who God is.

In spite of the challenge, and the effect that it may have on you, stick with God!

Accept Him as true. You can believe Him!

Yep! That’s right!

Your status cannot faze the character of God!

He’s reliable! Consistent! Trusty! Authentic! Real!

He never changes!

Remember this, the rhythm of God’s grace is still in full flow. He is so crazy about you, even when you’re oblivious to it.

And grasp this quote, the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

For this reason, test yourselves to make sure you are solid in the faith.

Don’t drift along taking everything for granted.

Give yourselves regular check-ups.

Now, that’s the challenge!

Direct your attention to who God is.

Give yourselves regular check-ups.

Consider this, a dull axe means harder work. Being wise will make it easier.

Then, come out of this with conscience and faith intact.

Don’t just put up with your limitations; celebrate them, and then go on to celebrate every strength, every triumph of the truth in you.

Meanwhile, let’s pray hard that it will all come together in our lives.

And finally, let’s party, celebrate, and spread encouragement with friends and fellow travellers on our journey of faith


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