The Day Of Small Beginnings

The Day Of Small Beginnings:

This past week marked a year when we began to write and compile E-word reflections on a weekly basis.

In that time, we’ve received subscriptions from 11 countries worldwide.

No one could have dreamt how effective the E-word ministry would be.

To think, it’s encouraging, empowering, and enabling so many individuals!

Whether via E-mail, on-line, or through other links and connections – the response has been beyond our wildest dreams!

What’s more, how wonderful it is when God takes an interest in every detail of our lives.

Nothing beats that high!

Anyhow, remembering those times from back yonder, as a young lad in the mid 1970’s, I recall listening to a radio programme with my parents and siblings.

Although the series was interesting, to be honest, at that young age – my knowledge of international news was weak.

However, “Letter from America” was a weekly 15 minute radio series which ran for 2869 shows from March 1946 – to February 2004 – making it the longest running speech radio programme in history.

The presenter, Alistair Cooke, the son of a lay preacher, reported life as an Englishman in America.

He offered his own view on some of the biggest events of the last half century, as well as more personal moments.

In fact, Alistair broadcast from the US for 58 years.1.

What a record!

What an achievement!

Especially as we consider – as he began the series in 1946 he was only given a 13 week trial, and was told – if it was a wild success – he would get another 13 week trial.

Knowing that the producers were bankrupt, it was decided – even if the programme was the biggest thing the world had ever seen, at the end of the 26 weeks – there would be no more!!

But no one expected the programme to last quite as long as it did!

In an address 50 years later, Cooke explained with great delight, “Somehow they forgot!”

Friends, no one dare make fun of the day of small beginnings!2.

Let’s have a look at a story in the Bible.

Remember the battle scene – when David took his shepherd’s staff, selected five smooth stones from the brook, and put them in the pocket of his shepherd’s pack, then with his sling in his hand approached Goliath.3.

Facing the imposing hulk, a smooth stone from the brook appeared useless.

But God used it to get “ahead” of Goliath!!

In short, Goliath was history!

As a teenager, David’s new life had barely begun!

Now listen, no one dare make fun of the day of small beginnings!

Maybe you’ve been asked to start something new.

Perhaps you’re facing something bigger than you think you can handle.

Okay, there are times when our endeavours could run out of resources, or simply run out of steam!

Many times our earnest and conscientious activities are opposed!

As we become so demoralised, depressed and disheartened – we don’t even want to try again!

There are moments when we have little physical or spiritual strength!

But God delights in doing extraordinary things through the lives of ordinary people!

Come on! Take another look at those unfulfilled dreams – and begin to see things from God’s perspective.

Let’s realize our potential!

The God of hope says, “You can’t force these things.

They only come about through My Spirit.

Next to you, that big mountain is nothing but a molehill!”4.

So, live the dream, and dream new ones – and believe for greater things.5.



1 Letter from America.

2 1 Samuel 17:40

3 Zechariah 4:10

4 Zechariah 4:6

5 John 14:12

Bible Gateway – The Message.

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