First Christmas Gift

First Christmas Gift:

Howdy friends,

Reflecting on what Christmas means to me.

It is quite easy to look back upon the moments, as children, when I and my two sisters quickly ran down the stairs and rushed into the front room on Christmas morning.

There, the three of us were full of excitement and glee, raring to see what gifts we were going to receive that day.

Somehow, each of us had already received an individual gift, which was placed at the side of our beds.

In all probability, the gift given to me was the latest edition of the Beano Annual.

Down-stairs though, a pillow-case full of fabulous goodies had been left for each of us underneath the Christmas tree.

Yet, the gifts in each pillow-case could only be opened when everybody was up and wide awake!

Yep, that really did mean, everybody!


Anyhow, eventually, every eye fixed itself on the labelled gifts.

Then with parted lips and bated breath we watched one an other remove each wrapping.

Such was the anticipation, excitement and joy!

Meanwhile, my mother and father looked on.

As we uncovered our gifts they patiently waited to open their own.

And sure-enough, as soon as everyone had opened their first Christmas gift we would start all over again.

Back and forth.

Round and round the room.

The recurring sequence of events continued, until all the gifts from underneath the Christmas tree were finally revealed.

Leaving every pillow-case behind empty!

In retrospect, words could not express the feelings of cheerfulness in the Princes’ household!

How marvellous it was when we came together to see what gifts awaited each other!

What a blessing.

A time of sharing and being with the ones we loved!

For me, watching my siblings and parents unwrap their gifts was as pleasing as unwrapping my own.

Was I happier giving than getting?


Who knew what gift lay beneath the wrapping?

What would come next?

In those days, the Internet and electronic games hadn’t reached the leafy suburbs of England’s second city.

Well, not in our cul-de-sac anyway!

Yet, everything that was given was received and accepted with gratitude!

I can personally recall with warmth, the Christmas stocking filler with an apple, a Satsuma, a handful of Brazil and Hazel nuts, an assortment of chocolate for diabetics, and some of those chocolate coins thickly clad in golden foil!


For me though, as a young artist, there was no better gift than something creative.

As an example, I was more than happy to be a recipient of a spiral-bound sketch pad with a full set of graphite pencils.

However, no matter what the gift, I and my sisters truly appreciated how special our parents gifts were.

They had given us something from their hearts because they wanted to make their children’s Christmas dream come true.

And know this, the greatest gift of Christmas wasn’t wrapped up in a pillow-case, or left at the side of one’s bed on Christmas morning.


Instead, it was a gift from our Heavenly Father.

A God-given gift!

It was Jesus coming to die on the cross for the sins of the world.

Friends, the Christian faith is all about connection, which is the reason Jesus came to earth to bring us into a right relationship with the Father.

And yes, The First Christmas Gift was wrapped up in the Father’s love.

What a gift!

Indeed, this is the message of Christmas:

“God gave us eternal life; the life is in His Son.”

So dear friends, why not make your Christmas complete?

Accept this gift today!

Come-on, not just for Christmas, but let Christ be for life!

Somebody say amen!

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