Rock The Boat

Rock The Boat:

These thoughts are inspired by a visit to Hemsworth Christian Fellowship from Steve & Kimberley Horner of “Catch The Fire,” East Anglia:

Imagine two fishermen in a rowing-boat in the middle of a lake.

Everything is still and quiet.

There the fishermen wait for a catch. The only disturbance is an occasional beer can open sound effect.

Other than that, it’s complete silence.

Fishermen like it that way. Heaven!

Meanwhile – just beneath the boat – the fish have gathered, unaware of a waiting trap with bait.

Then, out of the blue comes the most dreadful. The most un-welcome! The most unwanted!

Quickly and without warning, the silence is broken!

There, in the distance, the sound of something in rapid advancement can be heard.

A constant buzz from a boat engine is coming there way.

Even before it comes into sight, they can hear it coming!

But, for the fishermen, the sound needs no explanation. It’s a high speed power-boat!

What’s more, pulled behind the power-boat are a couple of individuals skimming on the surface of the water.

Then, the inevitable happens.

The approaching power-boat causes a water spray – with a ripple of waves on the surface of the water to splash against the fishing boat.

The stability of the small rowing-boat becomes unsteady, and the men with their pinned oars and fishing gear are thrown into disorder!

At the same time, the rowdy skiers make matters worse with their unconventional excitement.

What a hubbub!!

Suddenly, the place which was free from disturbance, is surrounded by activity!

The noisy intrusion brings complete havoc.

As a consequence the fisherman become rattled. Their annoyed!

The fishermen’s” boat continues to rock, and if things couldn’t get any worse, the fish have disappeared!


As we make this even more intriguing, we’re going to ask you – if Jesus was in this story, where would He be?

Would He be in the rowing-boat with the two fishermen?

Maybe in the high speed power-boat, or even skiing?

Some have suggested, well, He could walk on water, how about that?

Our Thoughts:

Well folks, we reckon that Jesus would be piloting the power-boat.

Here’s another way to put it:

Jesus is the Captain of the power-boat, His disciples or followers are water skiing – having a whale of a time!

The Pharisees are the guys in the rowing-boat, never wanting to see anything changed – always self-righteous or sanctimonious – with a “We’ve always done it this way attitude!”

A Different Perspective:

Now consider this:

Maybe the power-boat could represent the Church.

And the skiers could represent the Culture and Society we live in today.

The Church is the one leading the way.

Having influence.

Yet once again, the spectators in the rowing-boat are the first to get upset when things are changed!

After all, why upset the status quo?

Come, listen up!

Maybe it’s time for us as individuals to climb out of our comfort zone to where Jesus wants us to be.

Just a thought.

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