The Uninvited Guest.

The Uninvited Guest:

According to the social climate of New Testament times, it was polite to welcome guests into one’s home by anointing the invited guests’ heads with oil, washing their feet, and greeting each guest with a kiss.

This welcome was commonplace with everyone who was invited to an important meal.

For-sure, an illustration of such custom was indicated when Jesus was invited to Simon – the leper’s home.

By contrast, though, it seems in this case that the host is totally ignorant, by inadequately expressing respect!

For this reason, it was left to the insight of the uninvited guest, who communicated silently what others were either lacking in intellectual acuity – or were refusing to accept.

As a consequence, the characters in this scene became the talk of the day.

Yep, the talk of the neighbourhood and beyond!

The EXTREME significance of this woman’s expression with her visible symbolic intent was to show that Jesus was no common guest, and even the run of the mill pleasantries were not enough!

And so, the woman wanted to demonstrate the EXTENT of her belief in Jesus.

By anointing Jesus with very expensive perfume, she displayed feelings of ardent, impassioned love.

Such intense emotion, engendered from her heartfelt love for Him!

Nothing was good enough for Jesus!

Anyhow, she certainly proved her sincere dedication to the ministry of Jesus.

Sure-enough, by pouring the valuable contents of the alabaster jar over His head, she emphasized her commitment to faith in Him – by the EXTRAVAGANCE of her worship.

Today, wherever the message of Jesus Christ is proclaimed throughout the World, this story communicates what she did – and is told in recognition of her.

Certainly, her sincere dedication has so much influence – with a power to impact the next generation!

So, listen up!

In light of this, let’s consider how we can live sacrificially for our fellow believers – and not just be out for ourselves.

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Alabaster Jar

Matthew 26:6-13

Mark 14:3-9

1 John 3:16

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