E-word Collection

E-word Collection:

An Assortment Of Reflections From The E-word Collection.

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Written to encourage, empower and enable you to act on God’s great plan and purpose for your life.

From The Archives:

A Heartily Hubby Hug.

A Holy Kudos.

A Lighthouse To The Nations.

A Mums And Dads Heart.

Absorbed By The Whisper.

All We Need Is Love.

Applaud The King Of Heaven.

Big Botheration.

Brilliantly Coloured Braces.

Change The Music.

Core Identity.

Educating Anyone And Everyone.

Feeling Thankful.

Forty Days Of Thanks.

Frosty Looking Strawberries.

Go Paint A Door.

God’s Designer Label.

Gods Wallop.

Grab A Moment.

Grace Trumps Them All.

Guys, It’s Ok To Show Love.

Head Over Heels.

In The Pink.

Jumping The Gun.

Just The Right Time.

Kind Hearts Are Quietly Kind.

Let’s Go Fly A Kite.

Link Together With Father.

Looking For You.

Love Brings You Home.

Make Room For Dreamers.

Mixed Bag Of Colours.


One Step Forward.

Pretty Amazing Stuff.

Sand Of Our Youth.

Something Needs Mending.

Stating The Obvious.


Those Stuffy Pigeon-holes.

Travelling Lighter.

Two Penn’orth.

We Are More Than Champions.

We Are Special.

When Unconditional Love Becomes Unimportant.

Words Matter.









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