Inspired by David

The following are a selection of messages mainly from Facebook.

Kevin Prince  my “inspirational” cousin.

Graham Vickers Such an inspirational man! … Michelle still smiles about the painting and the laughs you and her had Rachael!

Lesley Grundy David Anthony Prince you are an amazing inspiration , your Facebook posts have made me thankful and amused, and have taught me so often about the walk with the Saviour.

Graham Jackson  David has inspired so many people with his courage, his words of wisdom and compassion. Thank you

Karen Cleverly  David was a big part of our family for many years when he lived in Newport and was part of our link group at Bethel.

Rob Ash Dave you’ve always been an inspiration I have fond memory’s of our studio days together and the amount of tea we drank.

Jill Sach David has been such an encouragement to me & particularly leading up to the passing of my brother last year. He was such a blessing to Andrew at that time also. X

John Valentine Bardell  David has been a real inspiration to me.

Alison (Davids Sister)  My brother David Anthony Prince is amazing! He has been laughing and joking and making fun of me all afternoon X

Paul Dando   Almost 25 years ago on a Sunday morning in Newport, I met David Prince. I shared with him that I and the church, had never met somebody quite like him. He was very welcome to be part of the church, though we would probably make, myself included, many mistakes with him. He was quite happy for that, and as it turned out mistakes were few.
David was blind, had undertaken a double transplant and his wife had recently been killed in a car crash, whilst David sat alongside her. He was an excellent piano player, good singing voice and wrote numerous songs. My favourite ‘new every morning’.

David became part of Church, hook, line and sinker, would be the phrase. He came for lunch every Sunday. We would follow Formula 1. Prior to commencement of the meal, I would inform David: peas 1 o’clock, carrots 3 o’clock, potatoes 6 o’clock…….you get the message.

David had been the pastor of a Pentecostal church in Blaenavon. The loss of his wife Judith, meant that was no longer possible. Though David’s parents were giving him every support. I asked him one day ‘what was his preference, musician/singer/song writer or pastor? He immediately replied ‘pastor’. I told him, I don’t know how we are going to work this out, but we’ll find a way. David became the visitation pastor. I asked for volunteers to drive him round. I would give him the names of people to visit, and off he would go.
One of the drivers, was my mother. That is a story in itself, as to how many times David heard the horn blown by other motorists, as she swept David ‘Hamilton like’ to his destination.
David was an excellent visitor. The church at that time was going through a long overdue change. When David came to visit, it put many people’s problems into perspective.

David travelled with me on many occasions to Poland. He would sit in the car, we would travel up to 3000 miles in 6 days, and David had no travel sickness. He asked me to take him to Australia. When I asked ‘why me?’ David replied ‘you’ll get me home’. We did it. Via Hong Kong, Sydney, the Gold Coast and Hillsongs. For David, amazingly, no jet lag.
I pulled a muscle in my shoulder on that trip. The return was challenging, with one arm, all the luggage, David holding on, but we did it.

One day he asked me to take him clothes shopping. His Dad had taken over from Judith, and no disrespect Tony, but David wanted me. We went to Cardiff. I thought this was impossible. One striped jumper sounded like another striped jumper. But I knew they were entirely different. My ability to describe what I could see was so limited. Another mistake. Then I discovered what to do. You do not describe every striped, plain, zig zag, wool, long sleeved, v neck, crew neck, polar neck, turtle neck jumper in the shop, but only the ones you like. David picks up the enthusiasm in your voice and that’s what he buys.

Some time later, he did not want me to take him shopping. He had found a replacement. Unbelievable. A girl. Rachel. The rejection was huge. I now knew how Tony his Dad felt.

We were now living in Pembrokeshire. David was back in Blaenavon as the pastor. He is getting married to Rachel. They came to stay with us for the week end. Rachel hardly said a word. I don’t think it helped David telling her ‘ I was going to check her out’. I know, another mistake. She was great.

They were married in Blaenavon , I was the best man.

David and Rachel then moved to Yorkshire where he became an assistant pastor in a church. They live in Great Houghton.

I cannot think of many, if any, individuals, who have gone through as many valleys as David, and have got back up.
Health challenges with his double transplant meant simply colds or flu, could lay him low. But he’d get back up. Back up to encourage others.
A loyal friend, a remarkable man, an excellent spirit.

Jill Sach Such fond memories of David. We have been in touch again in recent times &he was such a support &inspiration during the difficult months before losing my brother Andrew last year. He was a huge encouragement to Andrew also at this time. David is a living miracle &a massive encouragement to all who know him.
It must be more like 30yrs ago when we knew him in Bethel as we’ve been on the Wirral for nearly 22 yrs.

Elizabeth Mantle He is a fantastic human being. An example to us all.

Joy Neiger I had the pleasure for a short time to play alongside David me on the organ and him on piano when he fellowshipped in Cwmbran I knew him and Judith well and they also came to my home for Sunday lunch, it was in the car along with David and two members of Cwmbran AOG that she was killed, I remember it well it was a terrible time and the church was just in complete shock. I am amazed that David has lived in Gt.Houghton the village I was born and Thurnscoe being our home church where I was dedicated and brought up until moving to Wales. I glad that he found Rachel.

Joyce Pugh David and Judith were my good friends – in Birmingham. Then later in Bleanavon. Also pleased to be at David and Rachels wedding. Happy memories.

Sarah Croft David is an inspiration to many. My favourite memory is taking him to visit a certain bethel lady who was struggling with onset of dementia. She gave us a cup of tea (proper tea). Davids face as he drank a mouth full of tea leaves

Paul Francis What an amazing story – so moving and uplifting- you have been such a good friend. I would love to have met him

Colin Wilks David, along with myself enjoyed the Formula One. I took David to Silverstone as a guest of the Bennetton Formula 1 team. Whilst walking through the pit garage I was in awe of everything going that I forgot about Dave holding onto my arm and walked him into a steel girder. Dave will remember it well. We spoke about it a number of times.

Chris Bowater I knew David from his childhood. I might even have helped him get started with the piano and encourage him in his music. We baby sat him in the early days of our courtship! Thank you !!!
Our paths crossed at Mattersey Bible College where I was at times a visiting tutor.
Life took us in different directions and locations.
TONY and Mabel were great supports to my Dad when he was the Pastor in Shirley, Solihull.
David, you wrote the songs but your life became the song. You will be remembered for the sweet melody of your life and the rich harmonies of your dedication.

Lynn Wilks I remember one of those people who used to drive David around was kim yarnold. He and David had a very special friendship. David you have been an inspiration to so many people your positivity and caring nature.

Joanne Hammett I don’t know David but he sounds like a really lovely man.

Pauline Gould Very fond memories of David. Such an inspirational man and so full of gifts. Our boys loved to spend time with him and loved the dog he had when living in Malpas.

Richard Whitehouse David is the most inspiring man under pressure that I know.

Derek Bufton I was with David & Colin when we went to Silverstone when the F1 teams had test days, we meet Jacki Stewart who was a little surprised to find a blind man interested in F1 cars etc,but he chatted with Jacki like a true “Petco head”.

Lenny Sawdon Thinking of you tonight sat in garden. The conversations we had through the fence mate.

Bob Hyde I have benefited greatly from reading his story on his website. I think his legacy is greater than perhaps he will ever understand.

Paul Bunch He’s a Star!

Elizabeth Mantle  David is a man who is greatly admired

Kevin Whilock David is such an inspiration, a true man of God, and an example to all of us.

June Brown  June, David is a very good friend to my family when he lived in Crosskeys he was especially good to my mum (moira) and dad (Roy) when my dad had kidney failure and had a transplant around the same time as David.  David gave me faith and guidance when I most needed it. He is a very special man we had so many good times and laughs together as well as helping each other through the bad times.

Robin Essex David has received his reward now a truly faithful servant of God. Always when reading his posts he was an inspiration and an encourager! His legacy will remain.

Rebekah Kidd Green He was an amazing man. I can remember doing his hair
Giving him highlights he had a brilliant sense of humour we were both helpless laughing

Valerie Thomas Cherished memories of a young David !

Garrie-John Barnes An inspirational man with real passion for God.

Brian David Rudd David and I never met but I am a KP recipient and we shared our experiences.

Jean Kelly He ran the race. He fought the fight.

Lee Matthews David helped me see a brighter future for myself when I was in the darkest of times. He showed me how to care about my life again. He was a wonderful man and he will be truly missed.

Heather Hannant What an impact he had on so many lives. I’m going to play his CD now.

Gillian Ziegner Although we have never met I felt as if I knew David. He was a true inspiration and will be sadly missed.

Elizabeth Sefton Nee-Rowland David was a remarkable man who showed so much strength and was an inspiration to everyone.

Chris Walters God clearly wants another keyboard player who preaches with his heart and soul and lives the life he preaches.

Kirsten Bradbury Hermolle … such an inspirational and positive man.

Chris Matthewman A constant encourager.

Rebecca Nelson …he was such an inspiration ..always encouraged me x

Philip Johnson It has been a joy to know him and a privilege to be his friend… David was an inspiration to everyone he knew and a truly gifted child of The King… A Great Man of God, who has served well, and is now rejoicing at all he sees in The Kingdom of Heaven.

Terry Foxon I remember David well from my college days, he was in the same year as me and I remember his passion for music. I will always remember him as the little blond lad who played piano in the chapel.

Phil Hoskins A gifted unique person who we had the privileged to know in this life. Someone who lived out Gods Kingdom and always lifted the name of the lord and also showed care and love for others. We will meet again in heaven.

Ashley Goode I never met David we became friends on face book I’m so sorry for your loss he was a beautiful man of God and I will miss our our chats.

Matthew Scott  …Such an inspiration…

Mike Morgan An inspiring man, he will be sorely missed.

Kevin Whilock A great man of God and encourager has gone home, heavens gain, our loss.

Steve Dickson What a man. I will miss him his posts and his outlook on life we should all live with his positivity and passion.

Jill Jones So sorry to hear this. He was and will remain an inspiration to all who knew him.

James Wright he was an amazing person and a real encourager to so many. He’ll be greatly missed.

John Symington  David was a very special man who never complained and always praised God. He made the very best of his life. He will be very much missed.

Ian Ross David was a dear brother in Christ. He is now with the Lord whom he served so faithfully.

Craig Webb Thankful for David’s many years of service for Christ.

Ruth Fanshaw I didn’t know David personally, but his posts have been a great encouragement to me. He made a difference in the world.

Bill Edwards An inspiration I’m sure to all who new him

Joy Neiger I was privileged to play alongside him for a while in Hebon AOG in Cwmbran h truly wS avery talented musician great character and truly inspiration

Chris H  when I was struggling to cope with the diagnosis and progression of chronic renal failure it was suggested that I read his blogs.
He encouraged me with his words and his own story, with his bravery and cheerful humour in spite of his own circumstances. His courage and strong faith encouraged me to look up to God and keep on keeping on.

Ifeolu Akintunde  I met David and Rachel once, when I visited them to conduct a radio interview. I was so inspired that I wrote a blog post about it. His story, faith, courage, passion and talent were awe inspiring. I can only thank him for the blessing he was to me. I could only keep in touch intermittently, because I was always on the move, but I never stopped thinking of him. What a man of God, what an inspiring family! On earth, we’re sad, but in heaven, someone has just heard the greeting, “well done, good and faithful servant”.