The Car Crash

Fields Of Life. Ch. 7.

The Car Crash:

For-sure, one can’t waste energy on the past, one must focus on the future!

So, after such a long period of illness and uncertainty for Judith and me, we finally emerged into life with a new outlook for the future.

We were both aware of how blessed we were to simply be alive!

God was so good to us by causing us to view each day as a gift, a blessing from Him.

Yes, even each new breath was a gift.

Every moment of life with its ups and downs, were breathed with a sense of gratitude from us.

And, as we now lived near Cwmbran, it became a matter of fact that we would begin attending the Assemblies Of God Church there.

Anyway, during the metamorphism that took place in our lives, we dealt with the effects of Judith’s operation, including the fact that she would never be able to carry a child to full term.

Although we were never unaware of God’s hand in our lives, and we were ever so grateful to Him, it was still a devastating blow for Judith – for both of us – that we would live out our lives childless.

My wife grieved for me, as well, because I had lost my eye sight and was diagnosed with renal failure.

Furthermore, I’d had a kidney and pancreas transplant, given only three days to live.

I cannot conceive how we would have come through it all had it not been for Him.

But, God, with his outrageous mercy was such a blessing to us.

No doubt our new appreciation of life happened because we’d each come so close to losing our lives.

Now we mentally counted each new day as a gift.

Through the pain of illness, broken dreams, the unanswered questions, the fears and doubts, somehow we were still able to find confidence in our God.

In many ways it felt as if we’d been given a second chance.

And so, for a season, we took under our umbrella a young man, who, himself, while on probation, was also in need of a second chance.

For him, it was a trial period during which he had time to redeem himself.

For us, we were simply helping someone who needed a loving home, with some assurance and guidance.

Anyhow, let’s get to the heart of the episode here.

The years were beginning to pass, it was now over two years since having my kidney and pancreas transplant.

These transplants were a real gift of life.

Although taking over 60 tablets a day, this successful transplant meant that I was no longer on a low carbohydrate diet, no longer taking insulin.

Without these restrictions, a whole new world had opened up to me.

And so – we intended to enjoy every moment.


On one such occasion, whilst arranging a journey out with friends, all was to come to an abrupt end.

It was on 10 November 1993, Judith and I with two other friends were travelling to Llandrindod Wells.

Judith was driving and we were just progressing through the second half of a double bend in the road.

Coming towards us on our side of the road was a sports car.

The young male driver of this car was over-taking at least five other vehicles, one including a large van.

Over-taking on a double bend is not recommended for even the most experienced of drivers.

Judith realised that there was no where to escape.

With trees and shrubs on our left hand side, on coming traffic on our right.

Although Judith attempted to prevent a collision by keeping as much to the left as possible, her actions were in vain.

The on coming sports car hit our car, resulting with an impact at 100 mph.

To say it was terrifying is an understatement!

It isn’t easy trying to recall the exact moments, and so without going into graphic detail concerning emergency services, our injuries and the eventual police report, you can only imagine the pain and anguish.

I will, however, make mention of the team of dentists, who were following in the car behind us – and the off-duty ambulance crew who happened to be passing just moments after the incident.

Although we never met again, I would still like to express my feelings of thankfulness and appreciation for their help.

Anyway, Judith ended up in intensive care with serious head and body injuries.

Nine days later she was pronounced brain dead.

Apparently, she would never have survived such injuries.

All of a sudden, somehow, all the heart ache of yesteryear was put to one side.

That did not matter any more!!

In some way, that issue was dismiss from the mind.

It was time to wipe away the bad and only remember the good.

On the day of Judith’s funeral I finally met her parents for the very first time.

What an experience!!

Without warning;, surrounded by personal tragedy, this was probably one of the darkest chapters in my life.

What a nightmare!

It really was a situation resembling a terrifying dream!

At times, this dark episode became almost more than I could bear.

Nevertheless, I searched for comfort in the knowledge that winter doesn’t last forever, eventually it gives way to spring!

Oh, how I longed to hear the song-birds filling the air with sweet arpeggios over again!

Such hope!

So don’t worry, because I am with you.

Don’t be afraid, because I am your God.

I will make you strong and will help you – I will support you with my right hand.

Isaiah 41:10

New Century Version.

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