Learning To Dream Again

Fields Of Life. Ch.15.

Learning To Dream Again:

So what drives Rachel and me to stay so focused, so compelled to share this message of Christ?

It’s knowing first hand the vast dimensions His love and grace can render in the lives of anyone who really seeks Him.

And what a joy and blessing it is to impart His message of love and life to anyone who’s seeking something more than a spiritless, “hum-drum” existence!

Today, Rachel and I are still living in Yorkshire, and although our ministerial prospects didn’t quite take the route we’d expected, our ministry through the “New Day Prince” web pages has taken on new dimensions.

As things progressed, out of the routine problems came remarkable possibilities.

So much more than we’d anticipated!

Things began to come naturally and flow relatively easily.

Surprisingly, it’s a completely new field – a new adventure with a new horizon.

A fresh and wonderful new day!

In fact, these past few years have really been turn-around years.

Who knew, in the beginning, what God had in store for us?

Yet, we chose to move forward in faith.

At the time, although the new venture seemed challenging, in many ways it became one of the most rewarding.

The new day provided an opportunity to examine our beliefs, feelings and values.

It also gave us chance to be creative again.

We found joy in improvisation, and experienced creative freedom.

We began to see that life is too short to be living someone else’s dream!

At long last, we were free to personalise our skills and knowledge.

We didn’t give up so easily on our own dreams.

We learned from the mess-up and got back up.

We recovered from misfortune, depression, and the like.


Gradually, we began to throw away the problems and mistakes of the past and to dream again.

New creative and productive insights happened as we started to think differently about the way we did things.

We made each activity more engaging, more fun, more imaginative.

We were being who God intended us to be.

Our dreams became a reality!

And, as we began to live our dreams, bit by bit, our personal characteristics blazed through.

We began to live by thinking for ourselves no matter how crazy that thinking seemed.

We could never lose sight of our God-given dreams.

No, never!

As a consequence, since the launch of the Newday-Prince web pages – Rachel and I have been extremely excited about the great potential of the Internet, not only to share our story & songs twenty four hours a day – but to give an insight of all we believe.

By reaching the world on line, the Internet has become an excellent tool for us to use in sharing the message of Jesus.

Consequently – both of us have been totally amazed by the interest shown in the Newday-Prince story from tens of thousands of individuals in different parts of the globe.

It has been an astonishing journey reaching this point – and today we reckon – the best is yet to be.

We don’t know, maybe someday our story can help somebody.

It would be a real blessing to know that in someway the experiences we’ve faced, could reach & touch the lives of others.

We’re not stuffed with self-importance – we just want to share what God has done.

We love inspiring people, and if we can make a difference in one person’s life, then that’s success for us!

We hope we can be an encouragement – to help put others on the right path to life.

For this reason, with the time set out before us, we give thanks for every opportunity.

And yes – at the break of dawn when the sun rises, we give thanks to God for a fresh awakening – giving thanks for daily breath, health & strength and the joy which every newday brings.

What a blessing!

Now we take limitations in stride, and with good cheer, these limitations that cut us down to size – abuse, accidents, opposition, bad breaks.

We just let Christ take over!

And so the weaker we get, the stronger we become.

2 Corinthians 12:10

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