Working Together

Over the past twenty years or so, I have enjoyed the privilege of working with many musicians with many backgrounds and musical genre.

In the main, most musicians were based in church surroundings, some had Christian beliefs – but when studying music at Crosskeys College – faith, opinions & views differed somewhat.

At all times though we learnt from each other, each discovering for themselves their own talents and abilities.

With regards to my recordings, Chris Walters from Pontypool was the first to recognise and assist in producing such works as Faith Or Sight and Out Of The Darkness in cassette format. Both of these recordings were accomplished with Chris Walters direction and produced under the label of Greenwood Studios, South Wales.

Out Of The Darkness also included some vocal input from friends Pete & Chris Bosbury.

Some years later, with a little more knowledge, less hair and even more songs to share, I was then introduced to Chapel Lane Studios, Hereford, England – where Rob ash produced Noonday.

Other artistes who helped to implement the album were Andrew Griffiths who played saxophone, trumpet, horn & piccolo. Simon Hill added drums whilst Rob Ash also included percussion and guitar.

And of course, we must not forget the additional help from James Wright on keyboards and the albums backing vocalist, Lorraine King.

Some of these musicians were later to be involved in the making of Spirit of Extravaganza.

This recording – was produced at Andrew Griffiths studio near Swansea.

James & Andrew jointly produced Spirit of Extravaganza as my first compact-disc – all coming together to form a beautiful complexion of instrumental texture and sound.

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