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Comments Page:

We cannot accentuate how much we value the support and encouragement we’ve received from folks who have visited our web pages.

Indeed, we are blessed by so many of your comments.

Thank you.

David & Rachel Prince.

Here’s just a small selection of comments:

Let me say that it is so inspiring and encouraging seeing your passion for God in your blog “Newday-Prince” and your desire to help others discover a deeper relationship with Christ. Your blog is thought provoking and your passion for the Word of God is contagious! Allie Thomas – Salem Web Net Work, Virginia, United States.

“Thankyou for the encouraging content, loved it! Keep praying, preaching and believing. Dave Mallender – Soulwinners, England.

What a really impressive and resourceful new web-site you have. You have obviously worked really hard in the design and everything, and keeping it all together. I must say how much I have enjoyed listening to New Every Morning. Hey, this is a great song – lovely composition and some excellent orchestrations. I was very moved. Charles Timberlake, United Kingdom.

I love reading what you have to say. It always makes me feel happy. Philippa Leonard, Newport, South Wales.

I have visited your site and started reading. Wonderful story. Thank you so much. Blessings. William Paul Young, author of “The Shack.”

When we visit your site, it always gives us such a spiritual lift. We pray that God will continue to bless your ministry. Sandra & Vernon Phipps, England.

God bless you in all you are doing. Outrageous grace to you… Godfrey Birtill, England.

May God bless you more and more in every way so you can continue to be a blessing to others. Rachelle Arlin Credo, Philippines.

An amazing life with an amazing God. Your hope in Christ is encouragement to everyone who reads your story. I pray you both continue in your work for the King with great success and blessing. Matt Buckingham, Kettering, England.

Thank you for your powerful testimony of God’s power and faithfulness. Keep bringing Him glory. Craig A. Webb. Nashville, Tennessee, United States.

I will continue to watch your site with great interest as you build faithful brick upon faithful brick. God bless you both richly as you lift up the name of Jesus to the glory of our Father in Heaven. Les Oxnam, New Zealand.

I have just been reading the story on your web pages, and I’m amazed at how much you trust God, after all you’ve been through. I really like the way you write about bereavement – you don’t give straight answers, and portray things as being more straightforward than they are. Your story is very “real”, and I feel that anyone could read it and feel encouraged. Well done! God Bless, Zoe Weller, England.

I am sorry that I did not get to know you when you were my patient in Barnsley Hospital, due to lack of time, but I am happy that I was able to read and learn more about your trials and tribulations. A truly inspirational story, and gives me strength to follow and trust more in the Lord. Your friend in Christ. Josette Hemlin. Germany.

Thank you for sharing your courageous story with others! The Internet is a wonderful place to share the message of salvation with the world. It’s kind of like being missionaries, without ever having to leave the country! Keep up the good work! For Jesus, Judith Bronte, Southern California, United States.

I found your story most encouraging. You are certainly an example of courage under the most extreme circumstances and your faith has carried you through and you have been blessed. Pastor Ron Clark, Tasmania, Australia.

It was a refreshing, revitalising and freeing experience to hear your ministry in song and testimony in Tonyrefail last Sunday. You brought tears of joy and happiness to me. The happiness particularly I have missed for a while. May we all patiently endure with whatever is going on in our bodies as we wait for His Glory to be revealed in us and through us. Bless you both. Angela Perry, South Wales.

You have been through much illness and suffering in your life, and because of that, God is bringing great blessing through you to many folk. May you & Rachel continue to know His empowering and enabling. To Him be all the glory. Margaret & Peter Jackson, West Wales.

I like what I have seen in your pages, and although I don’t really know you – yes I’m praying with you. God bless. Pastor William Osagiede, Malta.

May the Lord richly bless & prosper your endeavour for His kingdom. God bless you both. Richard & Imaculada Rumball, Brazil.

You have a great story of God’s amazing grace and power – so tell it with all your heart with enthusiasm and joy and just be astonished at what doors God will open up for you. John Flanner, author of “Fear, Fun & Faith.”

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