Our Faith Journey

Our Faith Journey:


Everyone has a different life experience and story to share.

The set of facts that surround us are unique.

At times those events could be challenging.

Other times they are free from obstructions.

Although seemingly similar, our way of life could be in direct contrast to yours.

All the same, it could be so easy to allow the circumstance of each day to define us.

Facing each situation with courage is vital.

Yet, knowing ones identity is of extreme importance.

Because we are sons and daughters of the Father of love, our relationship with Him and each other can be real and, oh, so relevant.

For this reason, in this moment, do not look backward.

Instead, count every step forward.

From the shining dawn to the radiant sunset, come, engage yourself in the big communal journey.

Stand distinctly in the sunburst of Light.

Without missing a day, centre yourself in the massive hand of Father’s generous love.

Get to know His ways.

Learn to love.

Be conscious of who He is.

Echo His love.

Aim to do the best you can do.

Reside in His love.

Listen well to His words.

Grow in His love.

Tune your ears to His voice.

Yep, an intercommunication with God is doable.

With His help, unbelievably great things do happen!

Remember, abundant blessings are wrapped in the multiple dimensions of His unlimited love.

His blanket love embraces one and all.

His tender mercies are inclusive.

On account of Jesus, such passionate love extends to the hearts of everyone.

He is the origin of rightfulness:

Pure authenticity.

With so many miracles of extravagant kindness:

And a faith that empowers us:

My, this living, energetic hope holds us.

Hey, somebody say yes to Him!

Now, receive full acceptance.

Be intimately joined to Him.

Then, as new creation kids, walk in the sunlit glory.

And with wilder love, kindle a holy flame within your hearts.

David & Rachel Prince.


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