Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel:

Full-time Wife, Carer and Neighbour:

Rachel is originally from Caerphilly in South Wales, United Kingdom, where she lived for almost thirty years.

She has worked as a quality controller in ladies fashion and upholstery – three piece suites.

Rachel is also a qualified care assistant, holding a NVQ in Direct Care.

When living in South Wales, she gained experience working as an arts and crafts supervisor in a parent and toddler group.

Rachel is married to David, who affectionately calls her:- Precious.

From her childhood, Rachel suffered with traumatic optic neuropathy, the result of indirect force to her head.

This has been intensified in recent years with problems to her back, and having a temporomandibular joint disorder.

Of an extremely quiet, cheerful and friendly tendency – Rachel is always given to being exceedingly inventive in hospitality.

She is an inspiration, bringing strength to the ministry of Newday-Prince.

Always excited about being with people, getting to know them, learning to love them and sharing life together.

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If God Disappears.

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