Meet David

Meet David:

David Prince has been actively involved in various aspects of church ministry throughout most of his life.

He was a qualified graphic designer before subsequently developing new skills in pastoral ministry.

He has served churches in the West Midlands, South Wales and South Yorkshire.

David has been totally blind since 1987.

And from 1991 He has been a kidney and pancreas transplant recipient.

At one time, with only a 9% chance of survival, he was given just 3 days to live.

In 1993 he tragically lost his first wife in a car crash.

David has shared his story in various parts of the United Kingdom, Malta, Poland, Hungary and Australia.

He has had the privilege of lecturing in colleges, talking in school assemblies and inspiring the next generation in respective forums.

David is also a musician and a published poet.

He found new love in 2001.

Nowadays – with over forty years experience in church ministry, he resides in Yorkshire, England, with his wife Rachel – from where they share the Newday-Prince story – “Fields Of Life.”

A story of living, energetic hope: abundant freedom: courage: and cascading grace.

In a wilful manner, David serves as an on-line pastor, supporting people living out their faith journey.

Jointly, David & Rachel remain excited about being with people, getting to know them, learning to love them and sharing life together.

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