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Link To Us:

We at Newday-Prince International will always need help in letting others know about our web pages.

We are very much enthused to see the development of this communication – in a clear and positive way.

Our biggest need is in letting other people know that we exist.

So, why don’t you link to Newday-Prince?

Now, that’s a good idea, eh?

Friends, here are a few ways in how you could help us:-

You could place a link to Newday-Prince on your web pages or blog. No permission is needed.

The link to our home page is:

You could also place a link to our pages in your E-mail messages.

A good way of sharing our link with others, is to place it below your signature. For example:-

Yours sincerely,

Joe Blogs.

Please visit Newday-Prince at

You could tell a friend, or maybe put a note in your church newsletter about the Newday-Prince Ministry.

Also, if you are an editor of a magazine or newspaper, please consider mentioning Newday-Prince in your pages.

Last but not least, your prayers are very important to us.

Yes, we really value your prayer support, just knowing you are praying for us is a great encouragement.

Thank you.

We welcome new subscribers to our weekly thought.

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