Endorsement: by Ollie Hall

Endorsement: by Ollie Hall.

It was just after beginning my journey as Pastor at Hemsworth Christian Fellowship that David and his wife Rachel walked into the church.

I had never met anyone with quite the story that David had.

It is sad that too often in church circles we never get beyond “the story” or “the testimony” in people’s lives, and they forever remain defined as “the blind man with all the ailments who nevertheless – has an amazing faith in God.”

I am so glad that over the last few years I am getting to know David the person, the kind-hearted man with a mischievous sense of humour like my own, a man who has a passion for people, honest relationship and encouragement, despite the fact that his life circumstances often conspire to prevent him freely pursuing these things outside the walls of his own home.

I am getting to know the man with a vivid imagination, the bringer-to-life of stories, the wordsmith who paints simple yet powerful pictures of God and the journey of faith, communicating deep realities in simple ways for ordinary folks in need of encouragement.

I am getting to know the man who has grown tired of religiousness, church activity for activity’s sake, and meaningless “spiritual” jargon, and wants a simpler, more honest, “down to earth,” childlike walk with Father God and each other.

The E-word that David produces is a reflection of this heart.

It often challenges, causes us to think differently about God and the life we profess – it is simple yet deeply enriching, humourous with a serious point, and it always encourages.

In fact, were you to sum the entire collection up in one sentence from heaven it would be:

“Be encouraged dear children, don’t give up – you are loved – discover afresh the new life I have for you, and enjoy Me and each other.”

Now imagine groups of people throughout the nations doing exactly that, and meeting together to encourage and share with one another.

I like to think that is something like what God had planned when he thought of “church.”

So it is with great pleasure that I write to endorse not just the E-word which will encourage and strengthen you, but also the man who writes it – [not forgetting his lovely wife Rachel whose insights no doubt infuse the pages as well].

And if you are ever in this neck of the woods, I recommend getting in touch with them, dropping in for a coffee, a cake, and some great fellowship.

Ollie Hall.

The Springs – home of Hemsworth Christian Fellowship, West Yorkshire.

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