New Here

New Here:

Whether you’re a whiz-kid at surfing the net, only a rookie, or at someplace in between, we trust you enjoy your visit here.

For friends who are visually impaired:

The heading of each page has an image on it which will change every time another friend visits.

The images consist of landscape photos depicting either a sunrise or sunset.

My favourite one is of a silhouette of a man standing on the left-hand side of a beach with the sun setting over suffused shades of black, brown and grey.

With the orange hue of the sun you can just about envisage the shore of the sea.

Every link on the page is either high-lighted with the colours red, amber or green, depending on which image is shown.

Otherwise, the rest of the text is black on white.

Sure-enough, we truly do hope as you visit our pages, you will find them easy to navigate – with the information you expect to find right at your fingertips.

Always remember, when the sun begins to sink below the horizon a new dawn breaks on the other side of the globe.

And as each day brims over with extravagant love, God reaches people right where they are.